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Whatever you want, our team that works for you to always achieve a healthy and correct result serves you to reach solutions on material issues. If you fill in the attached form, our website, which will provide you with instant debt money, will benefit you greatly.

Continues to work on the cash flow of the market

Continues to work on the cash flow of the market

Our team, which conducts in-depth research on many issues, continues to work on the cash flow of the market. Our team, which conducts a lot of research, such as how much is spent on the market, what is the ratio of spending to loans or earnings, the contribution of loans to our spending share, is always trying to provide you with accurate results.

Anyone, whether working or not, may need urgent money. For this reason, it may not always be instant cash. It is the most common way to apply to banks every time when you need instant money. However, if your loan is not approved, you may have to turn to other alternatives.

Our team has been a source of trust and dedication for years. Therefore, our team, which always produces healthy results, will provide you with the most rational solution to your debt money needs instantly. Thanks to our website, where you can get information for seven days, twenty-four hours, you will get the most accurate result.

If you are stuck with the money


You should always fill the form carefully and accurately to achieve healthy and accurate results. Thus, we can provide you with the most suitable alternative.

If you are stuck with money, if you have urgent needs and don’t have enough cash, act now! You can reach fast and effective results thanks to our experienced team that always provides the most suitable results for you. You can reach the most accurate and effective results thanks to our website that can serve you anytime, day or night.

You will be able to meet your cash needs easily thanks to our team that will ensure you to always achieve healthy results. All you have to do is decide right away! If you make your choice, our team will always be able to help you. Make your choice as soon as possible and find a solution to your cash needs!

Good tips for those who have received a debt collection notice

How to avoid collection claims? Avoid getting a debt collection alert by having control over your personal finances – Good tips for those who have received a debt collection alert here.

If you do not pay your invoices, you may end up accruing debts that you are unable to repay. We have compiled a number of tips for you who have been so unlucky to receive a debt collection notice.


Pay right away

Pay right away

If you have received a debt collection notice, the first and best solution will clearly be to pay the bill as soon as possible. If you simply do not have the opportunity to pay the bill, then you should consult with friends or family if they have the opportunity to lend you the money you owe. On the other hand, you should make sure that it is not a habit to ask others about money, and make sure that you always repay money you borrow from family and friends to avoid creating a bad mood between you and your loved ones.

If you do not want to ask others to lend you money, you should contact the debt collection company immediately. They will usually be willing to come up with a repayment agreement that matches your personal finances.


Double check that the debt collection claim is correct

Double check that the debt collection claim is correct

Unfortunately, there are some scammers out there, and if you are unsure whether the debt collection claim is correct, you should always check an extra time. If you believe that the debt collection claim is not correct, you must inform the debt collection company immediately. What you can do then is to raise an objection to the debt collection claim, and you should contact the debt collection company for details on how to proceed. Often, it may be enough to take a phone call to the company or send an email, while some debt collection companies may also ask you to provide written documentation. After you file an objection, the creditor will be contacted to confirm whether or not the debt collection claim is actually correct.


Do everything you can to avoid debt collection

Do everything you can to avoid debt collection

It’s easy to be hindsight, but when it comes to money, it pays to always have control over your own personal finances. Therefore, before receiving a debt collection warning, you should do everything you can to avoid putting yourself in a difficult financial situation. Do you have small loans that can be refinanced? Can you cut some items in your budget? Do you have items in your home that you could possibly sell? All in all, it’s all about planning. Create a monthly budget where you have an overview of your income and expenses, and make sure to pay all bills on maturity. With a good overview of your own finances, you probably won’t have to worry about situations where you can’t pay all your bills.

Credit with completed private credit checker entry.

A loan can in the short term mean the solution to a problem and the fulfillment of a wish can come very close. However, a Private credit checker entry often prevents customers from auditioning a house bank or applying for a loan online.

Completed Private credit checker entry is not an obstacle to lending

Completed private credit checker entry is not an obstacle to lending

Private credit checker entries are not only made when a person has mail order or similar debts, but also affect ongoing loans. However, such entries are not negative entries. Once the loan is paid off, they are done. If you have such a Private credit checker entry, you don’t have to worry about your creditworthiness. At any time, he can get a loan with Private credit checker entry completed.

Prove debt free and get credit

Prove debt free and get credit

If the negative Private credit checker entry has arisen due to mail order company debts, it has also been resolved as soon as the debt has been repaid. However, this is often not noted by Private credit checker and there is a possibility that a credit institution would not like to grant a loan with a Private credit checker entry due to the negative entry. Even then, you don’t have to throw the shotgun in the grain. If you can prove that the debt has already been paid, lending is no longer out of the question.

There is a good chance that an entry noted in the Private credit checker will not only be marked with a completion note, but will be completely deleted if a (credit) debt is paid early. If the Private credit checker entry is deleted, all obstacles to getting a loan are removed. As a rule, this not only pleases the loan customer, who can now get a loan on favorable terms, but also the loan provider, who receives a commission for each loan sold.

Pay attention to favorable conditions when borrowing

Pay attention to favorable conditions when borrowing

A cheap loan is characterized by the fact that its installments have a high repayment interest. Even if an interest rate of the same amount is due every month, the repayment portion can be different. The higher the repayment interest, the cheaper the loan. Long, low-rate loan terms often hide the actual cost of the loan. In such cases, the repayment interest portion of the installments is usually very low.

What happens if I stop paying Resolve your Debt?

Do you know the program of Solve your Debt ? Maybe you think debts are like a huge hurricane that has arrived and you don’t know how to control it. Fortunately there are solutions that help us to have a better management of our financial life and allow us to find peace in the storm.

In the Resolve Your Debt program we help you to foster the culture of savings so that, with your own money, you can settle your debts through the management we do with your creditors. All this is achieved through a monthly savings that you make, since with that money your debt settlements will be made.

Saving is the key to success

Saving is the key to success

It is worth mentioning that saving is the basis for the success of the program . Imagine that you want to learn another language, so you go to a course, but you stop going to classes and do the homework that the teacher gives you. When it is time for the final exam, you will be left with a “What!” Face because perseverance and discipline are important to reach your goal as well as all the goals we set in our personal and professional life.

Something very similar happens with the program of Solve your Debt, the main tool we have to be able to make your settlements is saving, so this is the key to success. With the accumulated money we can, as soon as you have the amount and the discount, free yourself from that debt once and for all.

What are the consequences of falling behind with my savings in the Resolve Your Debt program?

What are the consequences of falling behind with my savings in the Resolve Your Debt program?

First of all we must clarify that there is no punishment for delaying you, but the lack of savings can affect the development of your program . At the beginning we made a projection in which we located the months and the moments in which we can settle the debts with the amount that you accumulate. However, if we do not have those resources, we will not have what to negotiate with and, consequently, the plan will be extended.

In addition, because you continue to appear as an active user in the Resolve Your Debt program, we will continue to work and negotiate with your creditors. Therefore, we will continue making the payment corresponding to our fees, which will affect the amount that you have accumulated up to that moment.

What happens if I stop paying many months?

What happens if I stop paying many months?

Depending on the amount you have in your account, when you fail to meet your monthly savings, you will eventually be automatically discharged from the Debt Solve program. This happens because we no longer have an amount to offer to your creditor to settle and there is no way to continue negotiating for your discounts.

What are my options if I had a complicated month?

What are my options if I had a complicated month?

We all have months like this, sometimes it is the family member who got sick and we decided to support or the house pipe was damaged, in short, things that happen that are out of our hands and in Resolve we understand it perfectly. What you should do immediately is to contact us so we can see options that fit your needs.

Tips to never fall behind in your program

  • Have a budget. The budget is the main food for healthy finances. Here you will find how to make one.
  • Contemplate the saving of your Debt program among your fixed expenses.
  • Pay on time and form to prevent the month is fulfilled and a settlement is lost for not having the amount in your account with which it can be settled.
  • Try to reduce your variable expenses that you do not need, this will not only help you with the Resolve Your Debt program, you will also develop that habit and your financial life in general will be more orderly.

As you may have noticed, maintaining good financial habits implies commitment and perseverance. That is why the Resolve Your Debt program not only helps you to settle your credit debts , it also allows you to get used to saving a part of your salary and gradually getting a greater amount to achieve other financial goals.

Smoothing of real estate loan: calculation and simulation of the landing loan

The smoothing of home loan is proposed to the borrowers having recourse to several credits of unequal durations.
The formula applies to create several levels of repayment in order to reduce the monthly payment in the first years and the impact of the loans at reduced rates whose durations are generally shorter than the principal loan.

This arrangement is similar to “tailor-made” because the bank establishes a simulated as well as possible to adapt the monthly payment of the borrower to his financial situation and avoid the sometimes very high variations between the different periods.
These different reimbursement levels make it possible to obtain a single, lower monthly payment.
It should be noted that the recent relaxation of reimbursement makes the impact of smoothing less obvious, as you will see in our quantified example.

Can we smooth personal credits?

Can we smooth personal credits?

Three scenarios can be considered if you have one or more consumer credit outstanding.

Solution with smoothing

The technique is the same as that used with several mortgage loans, the monthly payment of the main loan is lowered to allow the borrower to finish repaying his consumer loans.

Note that in practice, no bank accepts to use smoothing when there are several personal loans.
Please note: the credit organizations that offer tiered loans including a consumer loan are not legion. Some of them, like Good Credit, do so partially and under conditions.

Keep the consumer loan and renegotiate it if necessary

If your debt ratio allows, you can very well keep the current credit and let it run until its term. In any case, this is the solution to choose, especially when there are only two or three months left to reimburse. If this is not possible, you can try a renegotiation and ask for an extension of the duration of the consumer loan to lower the monthly payment and obtain a debt ratio below 33%.

Settle the remaining capital due before presenting the file


A simple solution is to reimburse the capital remaining due to a portion of his personal contribution. This solution, when possible, has a double impact.

  1. Lower the debt ratio, which increases borrowing capacity in greater proportions than if the contribution were used as such.
  2. Improve the quality of the file and therefore allow better negotiation of rate conditions.

Important: before using such techniques, you must always assess the impact that a smoothed loan can have on the monthly payment. This is why it is always necessary to make several simulations in order to determine the best financing study. 

Simulation of a smoothed loan

Take the example of a borrower who uses 3 loans to finance a real estate project.

  1. Zero rate loan: $ 80,000 over 20 years with no deferred repayment
  2. Housing Action Loan: $ 10,000 over 10 years at a rate of 1.5%
  3. Main loan: $ 124,000 over 25 years at a fixed rate of 1.88%.

These rates are given excluding insurance. 

A monthly payment of $ 942 can pose a debt problem in the first years, while after 10 years the effort will be less and after 20 years it will have dropped by more than $ 400. On the other hand, if a financing study is carried out with a tiered loan , the borrower will have only one lower monthly payment of $ 879.

As expected the difference is not very large and there is reason to wonder here if the smoothing is a real advantage. In some cases, reducing the monthly payment by $ 63 can keep the debt ratio below the maximum threshold. In many others, it is best to leave the financing plan as it is.

Advantages and disadvantages



Other examples show the advantage of using smoothing, especially when subsidized loans are repaid over a very short period or when there is a consumer loan to integrate.
On the other hand, it makes it possible to obtain a constant monthly payment throughout the duration. On the other hand, this harmonization of reimbursements simplifies budget management.


The major drawback is that this technique involves an additional cost due to the lower amortization of the main loan. The higher the amount, the higher the cost. A technique to be used only in case of debt greater than 33% or insufficient living space. Articles that might interest you.

Loans with Guarantor



Collateral is often required to obtain a loan. What types of guarantees can I have? Is there any way to get a loan without collateral? Let us have a clear picture of what possibilities there are for obtaining funding with or without a guarantor.

It is known that banks and finance companies require guarantees before they can accept anyone’s request for financing. The guarantees that are usually requested are a paycheck and the TFR (for loans for employees ), the pension slip (for loans for pensioners ) or a copy of the tax return (for loans for self-employed).

When do you need a guarantor?

When do you need a guarantor?

If you are registered as a bad payer  in the CRIF register . Those who have had financial problems in the past and have been registered as a bad payer in the CRIF register may find it difficult to seek new funding in the future. Self-employed workers registered in this register need, for the most part, another guarantee which can usually be provided by a person or, for example, by renting a property.

If you don’t have a continuous income . This may be the case for an employee with a fixed-term contract who needs money.

If you have a guarantee deemed insufficient for the amount of money requested as a personal loan.

If you already have other loans in progress and the sum of the installments of the same is particularly high according to the bank’s judgment. In this case, you may have an interest in applying for a loan to bring all the installments together into one , which has the advantage of charging a lower monthly sum compared to the sum of the installments of the individual loans.

What types of guarantees can I have?

What types of guarantees can I have?

In general there are two types of guarantees to be offered, one of the “personal” type and one of the “real” type.

The guarantees are granted by surety , or when to lend a guarantor is a relative or partner. In this case, the person becomes co-responsible for the financing in the sense that if the main debtor person (i.e. the one requesting the personal loan) does not fulfill the repayment of the installment, the financial company or the bank have the right to request payment from the guarantor. .

Another legal relationship then arises between the guarantor and the principal debtor, according to which the former has the right to repay the amount paid on behalf of the latter, but this is something that goes beyond the issue of loans.

To find out more about the guarantee, we invite you to read our guide to the guarantee , where we also indicate all the characteristics that the guarantor must have.

The real guarantees are those linked, for example, to the rent that is taken from a property owned. In this case, this sum of money could constitute a sufficient guarantee to be able to have a loan.

How much is a loan with guarantor rejected?

How much is a loan with guarantor rejected?

It may sometimes happen that even if you have a certain guarantee, the funding will be refused. This is the case of loans requested by unemployed , or by those who do not even have a part-time or fixed -term job  that can offer, in themselves, a minimum guarantee of repayment.

The fundamental point is that the guarantee must serve as an “extra” to give greater security to the lender . In the case of an unemployed person, for example, he has no way of repaying the loan and therefore the guarantor would end up paying all the installments regularly, which is not acceptable.

In these cases, banks and financial companies tend to grant the loan directly to the guarantor, who will therefore be the main debtor and will be responsible for repaying the loan installments.

Would you like a loan but don’t have a guarantor?

Would you like a loan but don

In this case you could think of a financing solution granted with the payday loan or with the delegated loan  (also known as double fifth of the salary), both solutions that lenders give even without having an extra guarantee. Ask for a free and no-obligation quote .

Why Consolidate Credit Cards?

It is referred to as the “asking price” for good reason. Just because a property is listed, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth that amount. This is another area where having a real estate agent is helpful. Most agents are experts at validating sales prices against recent sales in the area, and this is the best way to find out if the price is realistic or inflated.

Lenders often target homeowners in financial distress by offering them high-interest rates and making them believe that it is a solution for debt relief. In most cases, this is where foreclosures enter, or sale of houses come into place. The solution is only one option to go into deep debt.


Whenever you take out a loan or spend money on a credit card

Whenever you take out a loan or spend money on a credit card

Your credit score is going to suffer initially as the debt-to-income ratio will have gone along with the degree of risk. In addition, if you are using a debt consolidation agency, this is reported to the credit bureaus that have not been able to manage their own business and you will significantly maintain your creditworthiness. This also has a 7 to 10-year effect on your credit and does not save you money. In addition, many of the consolidation firms are nothing more than a way for credit card companies to mask their attempts to collect.

It is true that cheap loans are difficult to obtain. But the proliferation of lenders has made the loan market highly competitive. So a little research will help you find out the cheap unsecured loan lenders. In particular, if you want to borrow a small amount you have every chance of getting easy approval.

If you are aware of the current economic scenario you must be aware of the fact that there is an economic slowdown and people are facing a financial crisis. You also have to evade their homes and apartments because you cannot pay the high rent for the hosts. Banks and other financial institutions are also unwilling to provide home loans. In such a condition you would surely be looking for some option. If you get an apartment for rent with bad credit and in the choice of location it will be a cherry on top.


The house is expensive, so buying a house is not a trivial matter

credit cards

More often than not, people have had to take loans from a lender (usually from well-known banks and financial institutions) to finance the latter for a lifetime purchase. Prospective owners cannot expect more money in their banks to buy their homes, there is no support from loans. However, the rules of the game, which is borrowed and returned.

The most common repayment of the home loan is equal to monthly payments. This means that the total amount of loans and interest will be added and then divided by the number of months of the loan in order to get clear. Do this, the borrower’s heart of income, how much money he/she can afford to pay for home equity loans.

The key is to shop around and find the lowest possible interest rate. If credit is a problem at a time when it will be more difficult to find a low-cost loan, but taking the first one out of the shoot is not enough.

The way to get out of debt and save

The numbers reflect the reality of our situation, it is not the same to say spend a thousand and a half on food that you write in your profit and loss statement, spend 1,989 on food. People do not like to go to the doctor for fear of being told that they are sick, but to improve our financial health we must do our state to see what the reality is.

Make your profit and loss statement



After realizing your profit and loss statement, it is time to take control of your money, make your money stay in your pocket, we know that if you are in debt it will be difficult, but not impossible, so take out a new savings account with $ 500 and label it with the name “My account to take control of my money” Do not mix the money in that account, use it exclusively to deposit a monthly amount X of money, suppose $ 500 pesos.

It is necessary that the deposit to that account is the first thing you do when you are paid because it is the way you are going to program yourself that the owner of your money is you, then over time you will increase the amount.

Take control of your money

There are debts that you must pay first, among those are credit cas, make the commitment that, from now on, all the consumptions you make in the month you will pay them in full and an additional one to decrease the debt you have accumulated.

Make an austerity plan for the next months, depending on your level of indebtedness will be 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. Start by decreasing your phone plan, spending on fuel, subscriptions, fast foods, etc. Just as we go on a diet to lose weight, we must implement this financial diet to lower our debts.

Pay your personal debts

Habits are powerful as destroyers in our lives, as far as we allow; You must change the habits that led you to over-indebtedness and develop new ones, such as eating more at home, not going to all the events that are invited or not buying things that you really don’t need. Habits are formed in 28 days, the first is the most difficult, but then it is easy, because you already made the custom.